A Leather Glossary, A-L

Aniline: This refers to leather which has been stained by brushing, padding, or spraying and has not received any pigmented coating.

Buffed Leather: Leather from which the top surface of the grain has been removed by an abrasive or bladed cylinder or, less generally, by hand.

Calf: The skin of a young cow.

Chrome Tanned: Leather tanned either solely with chromium salts or with chromium salts together with small amounts of another tanning agent used to assist the chrome-tanning process.

Combination Tanned: Leather tanned with two or more tanning agents.

Corrected Grain: This refers to a leather on which the grain layer has been partially removed, and upon which a new surface has been built.

Cowhide: Leather made from a cow’s hide or its grain split.

Crocking: Transferring of color or finish from leather to other materials by rubbing or abrasion.

Crust: Leather that has been tanned, dyed and dried, but not finished.

Embossed Leather: Leather embossed or printed with a raised pattern.

Fat Tanned: Hide which has been converted into leather by treatments involving the incorporation of soft animal fats.

Finish: The final process or processes in the manufacture of dressed leather.

Fleshing: Scrapings removed from hides by the flesher.

Full grain: Leather bearing the original grain surface as exposed by the removal of the epidermis and with none of the surface removed by buffing, snuffing, or splitting.

Grain: The pattern, characterized by the pores and peculiar to the animal concerned, visible on the outer surface of a hide or skin after the hair has been removed.

Hand Antiqued: Also referred to as "hand rubbing". The process where skilled craftsmen hand rub a contrasting color onto the surface of the leather to accentuate the natural grain.

Hand: Term that describes leather's softness and feel.

Hide: The outer skin covering of a larger mature animal.

Leather: A general term for hide or skin with its original fibrous structure intact which has been tanned to be imputrescible.

Liming:The process of removing hair from a raw hide through the use of chemicals.


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