Exotic Leather Cowboy Boot Care

Custom Boots are not inexpensive. They are an investment and need to receive proper care. Boots crafted from exotic leather are the most expensive and special attention needs to be given to their maintenance. Exotic leather is generally considered to be that made from the hides of non-mammalian animals, such as ostrich, lizards such as alligator, or from snakeskin.

The guiding principle is to treat the footwear as you would your skin. There are four separate steps for general care of any cowboy boot:  clean, condition, polish, and protect.

Clean. Particles of dirt and dust act as microscopic abrasives which degrade leather fibers over time, even very tough leathers such as ostrich and alligator.  Wipe the boots often with a slightly damp cloth.

Condition.  Boots should be conditioned when they are dry and clean. The conditioner can penetrate into the pores of the leather. The conditioner should be lanolin based; do not use oil based conditioners as they can clog the pores and dry out the leather.

Polish. Use a cream polish to apply a sheen to the boots.  Wax polishes have the same drawback as oil based conditioners.

Protect. Use a non-silicone based water and stain protector for your cowboy boots.

Specific instructions for exotic leathers such as lizard (alligator, crocodile, caiman), ostrich, shark, etc.:
Brush off dirt or dust with a damp cloth or soft brush.
Apply an exotic leather conditioner to your cowboy boots in several thin layers.
Apply a neutral or matching cream based polish, buff with a soft cloth.
Apply a non-silicone water and stain protector.

For rattlesnake and similar leathers, do not use polish, and always spread the conditioners and protective agents in the direction of the scales.

Follow these simple guidelines to protect your investment in custom footwear made from exotic leathers to extend their life and appearance. When you invest in the craftsmanship from Tejas Custom Boots in Houston, Texas, you want that craftsmanship to look good and last.


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