Questions to ask your custom boots manufacturer

If you’re looking to buy custom cowboy boots, be prepared to ask questions. Custom made boots are more than just a pair of shoes – they are an investment and a fashion statement. You will most likely spend a lot and expect a pair of boots that will last for years and offer style and comfort. Before choosing a Houston custom boots company, don’t be afraid to ask for information so that you won’t be disappointed. Some questions to ask:

1. What kind of craftsmanship goes into the process? Companies should use old world traditional tools and methods, like pegs instead of nails and hand or machine-sewed details. Your custom boot maker should be happy to provide information about the process.

2. What kind of training and experience does the staff have? Cowboy boots are part of a tradition and culture, and they are true works of art. Those who create custom boots should have a love of the creation process and a dedication to workmanship, quality and style.

3. How are the boots created? Do they account for your special sizing and orthopedic needs? To get just the right fit and comfort, choose a boot maker that will measure your feet individual and make molds. They should account for high or low insteps, bunions and other foot problems.

4. Will they help create a personalized look for you? You may have some ideas already about how you want your boots to look. The company should be able to accommodate your suggestions as well as provide guidance and inspiration.

5. What types of skins are available? Calfskin is a common finish, but you may also be interested in a more exotic look like sharkskin, ostrich or alligator.

6. Can you see testimonials and references? Since this is a high end purchase, ask for references from other customers. Try to get some feedback from friends and family about the company’s reputation.

7. Is there a warranty? Will they work with you after the boots are finished? You’ll want your boots to last a long time, so make sure you have some protection. Keep in mind that your boots may require special care, so ask the company to go over ways to keep them clean and conditioned. Find out if you can have adjustments made for comfort if you aren’t happy with the feel.

Ask the right questions and be prepared to do some research to find custom cowboy boots that you’ll love for years to come.


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