Why Tejas Custom Boots are the finest of footwear

Buying custom boots is not the same as buying most other products. That is because custom boots must be designed specifically for your feet. They must be made to fit snugly without causing any discomfort while looking elegant at the same time.

To achieve that combination, you need a designer with the expertise and knowledge to craft a solid shoe for you that meets the standard. This is where Tejas Custom Boots, the Houston, TX Custom Boots designer comes in. They have decades of experience designing custom boots and shoes for individuals and celebrities worldwide.

Here are the top reasons you should consider hiring Tejas Custom Boots to create your next pair of custom boots.

Boots Design Experience

When it comes time to choose a designer for your next custom boots, you will not get a more experienced designer than Tejas Custom Boots. For decades, Mike Kuykendahl and the team in Houston have crafted boots to businessmen and women, sports stars, rodeo cowboys, world leaders and many more including former U.S. president George H. W. Bush. From molding to complete finishing, Tejas is known for quality custom boots, leather belts, designer alligator briefcases, purses, handbags and more.

Breadth of Craftsmanship

Most Houston boots designers are able to show you a few designs when you walk into their showroom. Walk into Tejas Custom Boots showroom and you will be amazed by the near infinite number of available designs and color combinations. And if they do not have the design you have in mind, the designers at Tejas will craft it for you. From the various materials they are able to work with to the colors and designs, Tejas is equipped to fulfill your wildest custom boots design fantasies.

Ability to Custom Fit

What is the use of buying custom boots if they cannot be custom made to fit your feet? Unlike most custom boots stores that stock their shoes on the shelf waiting for clients, Tejas Custom Boots will not create a shoe or boot for you until you order. From the time you place your order, the craftsmen at Tejas Custom Boots will take complete measurement, work with you to select the best materials after understanding the way you will use the shoe and the colors of your choice. They will then begin the process of crafting your shoe. When Tejas say their boots are custom made, they mean that.

Company Reputation

There is nothing more important to Tejas Custom Boots than their reputation in the industry and the community. As a small business they realize that their business rises and falls on their reputation so they work hard to satisfy their clients and this enhances their reputation in the industry. Ask your friends and business associates, chances are they had their custom boots made by Tejas Custom Boots.

On-time Delivery

You can count on Tejas to deliver your custom boots, shoes, purses, briefcase and more on time. They give you a set delivery time and they keep their word. That is hard to find in today’s business world but Tejas Custom Boots has consistently delivered on time and you can count of them to continue to do so. When it comes time to create new custom boots or shoes for yourself or a business associate, remember that the company you choose matters. Choosing Tejas Custom Boots is the smart way to create your custom boots.


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