Why Tejas Custom Boots are the finest of footwear

These days, it is quite possible to see so-called “custom shoes” sitting on store shelves in your regular shopping mall. Most custom shoes customers who are truly knowledgeable in shoe quality and design know they are not custom made.

For a shoe or boot to be custom made, they have to be custom fitted to the individual, be uniquely designed and molded for the particular client and created only after careful attention has been paid to all the details.

Tejas Custom Boots, your Houston, Texas custom shoes and boots designer prides itself in the quality and craftsmanship of its shoes and boots. Here are reasons boots from Tejas Custom Boots are the finest of footwear.


Ask your friends about Tejas Custom Boots and you will most likely hear glowing tributes about the company and their relationship with their customers. Mike Kuykendahl and the team at Tejas understand that their job is never complete just because a customer has picked up their shoes, boots, briefcases, purses, handbags and more. They follow up with the client to ensure complete satisfaction.

“It is just not enough to create shoes and boots for our clients. We consider all clients our friends and everyone treats their friends like they want to be treated themselves. We follow up to ensure they are satisfied and we stay in touch with them even after we complete their order. Our reputation matters and it is important to us that our clients are truly happy with their shoes and boots,” Kuykendahl said in his Houston, Texas office today.


Take a look at the quality of the shoes and boots shown on this website and compare them to those produced by other manufacturers. You will notice distinct quality differences. Boots and shoes from Tejas are simply of higher quality and craftsmanship. This is borne out of many decades of manufacturing experience by the Houston shoe company. Their craftsmanship is simply unmatched in the industry. In custom shoes manufacturing, quality counts and Tejas is known worldwide for unrivaled craftsmanship and expertise.

Fit and Comfort

Tejas is reputed for their ability to custom fit all shoes and boots to the particular client. This is truly important for these clients who buy custom boots not just for aesthetic impressions but also for the fit and comfort. The Houston shoe designer knows that it is important to ensure the shoes they design and manufacture not only fit snugly but are also comfortable to wear. They make every effort to ensure this is the case every time they deliver a shoe or boot to a client. You can count on Tejas Custom Boots for snug fit, comfort and durability, three traits that discriminating shoppers look for in their custom designed shoes and boots.

Attention to Detail and Customer Service

What is the point of ordering a custom designer shoe and boot if the company produces shoddy products and treats their customers disrespectfully? At Tejas, you will get attentive customer service specialists who take interest in attending to you not because their jobs depend on it but because they are genuinely interested in ensuring complete satisfaction of their clients. Call them today at 713-524-9860 to receive their maximum attention.


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