Things to Consider When Buying Custom Made Cowboy Boots

When looking for a boot that is both practical and authentic, custom made boots are the way to go.

Not only does a pair of custom made boots allow you to choose a boot that is unsurpassed in quality, it also allows you to customize every detail yourself. From the topstitching to the toe style, you can become a part of the design process. This allows you to be certain that your boots are perfectly tailored, to your exact specifications.

Read on to see which things you will be able to customize when choosing a pair of custom made boots.

Heel Style
If you would like a boot that is easy to walk in, then you may consider a roper heel. The roper heel is the most common boot heel in the American Southwest.

If you are looking for a traditional cowboy boot, you may want to consider a walking heel. A walking heel is slightly higher than a roper boot heel, and creates that distinctive cowboy “boot clunk” sound when you walk across a hard surface.

Rider boot heels are the tallest heels available. A riding heal is fashionable and adds height; however they are less practical than the other styles, and harder to walk in.

Toe Style
Whether you prefer a pointed toe, round toe, or something in-between, we offer a wide range of different toe styles, to create a design that is perfect for you.

Top Style
Known as the “scallop,” the top of the boot is customizable too. We have a range of different pattern styles available for you to choose from.

We offer a range of different leathers; sharkskin, ostrich, alligator and more! Choose from a wide variety of exotic leather goods, or go with something a little bit closer to home, such as the material used in the original cowboy boots: cowhide.

Some prefer the natural color of the leather, while others enjoy brightly colored boots. Whether your preference is subdued colors or something a bit brighter, we can create it for you.

Our topstitching is beautiful, and lends itself as a perfect completion to a high-quality boot. Topstitching can be in any color you choose. Custom designed patterns are also available.

When it comes to a comfortable boot, it’s what is on the inside that counts. Comfort of boots has nothing to do with the skin from which the boot is made. Instead, comfort is determined by how the sole is constructed, and whether you use a cushion insole. Comfort is related to the quality of materials and the construction of the interior of the boot.


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