Types of Leather

There are many different types of leather, based on the animal, or the age of the animal, from which it is derived. Leather is the tanned, dried, and often dyed skin of an animal.  Most types of leather can be found in nearly any color. Tejas Custom Boots in Houston, Texas produces a diverse set of leather products from any of these leathers.

Cowhide is leather made from adult cows; used for boots, shoes, belts, clothing, furniture, etc.  It is the most common leather.

Calfskin is a very smooth and supple leather made from young cows. It is a chic fabric and is usually found in darker shades.

Buckskin is made from the skin of wild deer, antelope, elk, etc. It is a pliable leather.

Suede is created by roughening the reverse side of calfskin. It is very soft and can resemble velvet. Try not to get your suede good wet.

Ostrich leather is used for accessories and footwear. It has a pebbled texture.

Alligator and leathers made from other ‘lizards’ is tough and distinctive. It is usually meant for accessories, footwear, and luggage. It is a tough leather.

Pigskin is normally tan in color and has a very smooth and slick surface. It is a tough leather.

A tanning process occurs when moisture is removed from the animal skin and its fibers are compressed and bonded together.

Mineral Tanned skins are produced by soaking the leathers in metal based salts, such as aluminum are chromium.  This produces a stiff leather.

Vegetable Tanned leather uses the tannin (tannic acid) from plant matter to develop a supple leather.

Oil Tanned leather is created by a laborious process of hammering fatty oils into the skin and drying. This eventually removes the water and binds the fiber and produces the softest of leathers.


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