Valentine’s Day Cowgirl Custom Boots from Tejas Custom Boots – Gifts ladies won’t forget

Every year the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, a day set aside for lovers. Most guys will buy the traditional flowers, chocolate treats, jewelry or other run-of-the-mill gifts. That is good if you want your lady to forget your gift as soon as you walk away.

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will leave your special lady in awe, consider a custom designed cowgirl boot or shoe from Houston custom shoe design specialist, Tejas Custom Boots.

Why custom shoes and boots from Tejas? It’s quite simple really; they are simply the best. Their custom cowgirl shoes and boots are reputed throughout the world to be the best ladies handcrafted shoes and boots in the market.

As you consider the special gift for your lady this year, consider a shoe or boot from Tejas for the following reasons.

She won’t be expecting it

Imagine your special lady running into your arms on Valentine’s Day morning in ecstasy and delight after opening her gift and seeing the specially crafted cowgirl shoe, boot, handbag, purse or belt from Tejas Custom Boots. She would normally be expecting the traditional treats but will be absolutely delighted to receive her boots. She won’t be expecting it.

She won’t forget it

Coupled with the fact that she won’t be expecting to receive a custom made boot or shoe is the fact that your special lady won’t forget the care and effort you put into her gift. Most ladies appreciate men who put a lot of thought into their gift. That will be you on Valentine’s Day. What she won’t know is that the specialists at Tejas Custom Boots will have taken the time to help you understand and select the best materials, design the best boots and shoes and craft them to stand out in the crowd. Oh yes, she won’t forget it.

Her friends will envy her

Her friends will absolutely envy her and appreciate you for putting so much thought into your gift giving. Don’t be surprised though if her friends’ men aren’t too happy with you for spoiling their day. Her friends will envy her for having a guy who puts so much effort into her Valentine’s Day gifts.

They are made to exerting standards

Tejas custom boots, shoes and other quality products are made to exerting standards. This is evidenced by their impeccable reputation throughout the industry and community. The Tejas design team has extensive knowledge, training and skill to design the best shoes and boots. Customer satisfaction is their priority

Do it for fun

The best reason to give a designer shoe or boot from Tejas Custom Boots to your lady on Valentine’s Day? It is fun. It is fun to watch your idea morph into a custom shoe and fun to watch your lady’s face light up when she opens her package and sees her designer shoe. Call Tejas Custom Boots at 713-524-9860 today to have them craft quality shoes and boots for your lady on this special day.


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