What Goes Into Creating Custom Handcrafted Boots?

When purchasing boots at a store, most people don’t put too much thought into what went into making them -and why should they? Most boots that are sold in stores are mass-produced by factory machines.

When it comes to custom boots, however, it’s a whole different story. Each pair of custom boots is carefully handcrafted –one unique pair at a time. Because of this level of care and specific attention to detail -you can be assured that any boots that you choose to have us make will be hand designed, and handcrafted with specific attention to every detail. 

So what exactly goes into creating custom boots?

Read on for an inside look into our custom boot creation process.

Since every boot is custom made, rather than mass-produced, there is a lot of preparation that goes into the customization process. Measurements are taken, molds are made, and plans are all drawn up before the process begins. 

Because our boots are made with individual preferences in mind, our customers are able to customize everything -from the type of leather, to the topstitching. We also add optional personal touches, such as initials, giving our customers the chance to add their own personality into the boots with customizable, tailored options.

The design for each pair of custom boot begins with the customer’s preferences in mind. Optional customizations are taken into account, such as a high instep or a bunion and the preferred heal and toe style. Everything from the preferred color to the chosen style is worked into the design concept. Because our designs are based around individual needs, our customers can expect their boots to be made to the exact specifications that they have in mind.  

Attention to Detail
After the designs have been compiled, the work process begins. Materials are carefully cut and sewn to precise specifications. Designs are added, and heels are carefully pegged on. Custom touches are factored into the process, and are taken into consideration every step of the way.

Perfect Completion
It takes an average of 6-8 weeks for a pair of custom boots to reach completion. By using nothing but the highest quality materials -from high-quality leather to lemonwood pegs for the soles- each pair of boots that we make is created to last -and is built to the highest of standards.

When you choose to have a pair of Tejas custom boots made, you can be certain of the high level of craftsmanship that will go into your boots. It is precisely that attention to detail that makes each of our boots a true investment -and a testament to the timelessness of the genuine cowboy boot.


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