What to Look for in a Custom Leather Boot

It wasn’t that long ago that most people would get their leather boots custom made by a local shoemaker, who after taking your measurements, would go about making the boot you desired! Although nowadays nearly everyone buys footwear that is made in a factory far away, there are still artisans who make custom leather boots. If you’ve been thinking about having your own, unique pair of boots custom made, then be sure to follow these tips before you go shopping!

Who is the manufacturer?
Making any type of custom made boot can be extremely challenging, as typically the customer expects a perfect fit as well as the special look they were hoping for. As a result, many artisans use tools of the trade that require special skills and years of training, rather than huge industrial machines that produce non-custom boots.

In other words, if you don’t pick a shoemaker who is experienced and knows what they’re doing, you may be extremely disappointed with the boots you order. It’s a good idea to do some research online to see who are qualified bootmakers, and whether they’ve received positive reviews.

What type of leather are they using?
Another important element to look for when you’re ordering custom leather boots is to see what type of materials and leather the shoemaker plans on using. Although leather is used to make various types of shoes and boots because it is extremely durable and comfortable, some leathers might be better suited for you than others.

For example, due to developments in technology, a lot of garments and footwear can be made using pigskin leather, which is durable but not as soft or shiny as say calfskin leather.

If you have more exotic tastes, as well as a higher budget, you might want to consider using alligator, ostrich or lizard leather. Many top of the line cowboy leather boots, for example, use leather from these types because of the look and comfort they provide.

How much are they charging?
Of course, it’s also important to review how much the bootmaker is looking to charge for their services. Due to the expertise that’s involved in making a custom leather boot, they almost certainly will be more expensive than buying mass produced pair. Don’t hesitate to shop around, however, to get the best deal possible.


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