Tejas Custom Boots Houston - Why we should create your custom boots

Tejas Custom Boots makes custom boots in Houston TX. We believe in our product and feel confident that we have the best Houston custom boots, and we’ve been proving it to our customers for decades. Here are just a few of the reasons why we should create your custom boots:


We handcraft each pair of custom boots that pass through our shop and have been doing so since we started in the business. We feel it’s a craft that takes time, skill and attention to detail. While so many other boots are mass produced or use technology to take shortcuts, we still do our work using classic methods and hand tooling. We use wood pegs instead of nails to adhere the sole to the boot. Unlike metal, the pegs expand and contract with the leather to create a seal that lasts.

Fit and comfort

We work with each customer to assure they get a comfortable fit, and take into account personal features and foot problems. Each customer is measured carefully, and a mold is made to create boots that are form fitted and comfortable. People are often surprised by how comfortable cowboy boots can be and we strive to create the most comfortable footwear you own.

Custom designs

We feel that custom boots are a work of art that are unique to their owner and reflect their own style and preferences. We have been creating personalized designs for years and have worked with dignitaries and celebrities to make custom boots that stand out and make a statement. From brands to initials to floral designs, in bright colors or more subdued styles, we will work with you to create boots that are special and just for you.

Exotic finishes

We offer a variety of leathers for different looks and textures. Our most common requests are skins of ostrich and alligator, we can also create boots using kangaroo, shark, bison and buffalo.


Our pricing is competitive. You can be sure your boots have the value of fine workmanship and quality guarantees so that you can wear them for years. We strive for excellent customer service and believe testimonials and recommendations are the best form of advertising. We strive to be the best custom boots manufacturer in Houston. You’ll feel our commitment to customer service, our pride in our workmanship, and our flair for creating work of art boots when you work with us.


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