Why Choose Custom?

Whether purchased as a gift, or for themselves, people who have custom boots –love them.

Part of the appeal of hand manufactured boots, is the level of customization that these boots have.

Each pair of our handcrafted boots is tailored specifically for one person. We also offer unique individual touches, and customizable options, allowing you to join in on the design process. When you choose to have a pair of custom boots made, you know that they will be hand designed, specifically for you.  

Here are some of the benefits o f custom, hand manufactured boots.

Standard boots are mass-produced, meaning lower quality, and less attention to detail. Standard boot sales operate based on a “take it or leave it” approach, forcing most people to settle on something that may not be exactly right for them.

With custom-made boots however, this is not the case. Our custom creation process allows customers to have a direct hand in selecting the material, color, and heal and toe design. Other options include a personalized monogram, and a choice of topstitching. Our design process allows you to personalize a pair of boots that are perfectly tailored for you.

Authenticity is what makes our tailored boots an especially popular choice –especially for those who want to own a piece of genuine cowboy history. Out methods are rooted in the boot design practices that were around before mass manufacturing became popular. All of our boots are made the old-fashioned way –with high quality materials, and specific attention to detail. We also take care to specially source all of our materials, guaranteeing an excellent end result.

Off the rack boots are mass-produced by a machine; meaning there is no assurance that they will be the right fit. Most people have to choose the fit that is closest to their size - and then break them in.

Since our boots are made especially for you, you forgo the pinching and blistering that is caused by a wrong fit. Our boots are custom made, and they provide a perfectly tailored fit that is more comfortable than standard what boots offer. Additionally, since our boots fit better, they tend to last better. They won’t have excessive wear in specific places that standard boots would have over time.

Whether you are considering custom hand manufactured boots for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, you can be assured that every pair of genuine boots that we make is to the highest of standards, and is built to endure the test of time.


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